Monday, March 23, 2009

Red, Gray, Turquoise

Hey, another mood board!  I find making these things fun to unwind with when I have enough time to do them.

This time, I looked mostly at color--red and gray (my favorite combo), with turquoise (another favorite) thrown in for variety.  And some beige slipped in too, oddly enough.

The couch, desk, and desk chair are IKEA; the side table (which I love), the coffee table, the rug, and the slipper chair are Target.  The art is from  The throw pillow and paper lamp are World Maret, and the table lamp is Pier1.  You can really tell which stores I favor from this blog, no?

In other news, More Ways to Waste Time just featured two posts on steampunk aesthetic, an example which I featured without naming it as such in my last moodboard.  I've always found it an interesting style, intriguing if not exactly livable to me right now.  I have always liked the Victorian library look though, so we'll see where that takes me once I have the means to buy the heavy furniture it needs--though I do already have an Oakley display case, which I adore and have no idea how to use.  It's good for keeping dvds in right now though, because it locks.

Meanwhile, design*sponge recently sneak-peeked a beautiful home that also reminded me of the Curry moodboard, with "world" influences and beautiful heavy furniture (that bed is -beautiful-) tossed together without looking pretentious or stuffy, something I'm not sure I could do in real life.

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