Monday, March 30, 2009

Compromise, + ohmigod apartment

I figured out how to use for interior design purposes.  The results aren't quite as crisp as photoshop, but it took half the time:

Boyfriend Room

My boyfriend, Wulfy, is a manly manly man who vetoes a lot of my favorite things as "too girly" to live with.  This room he thinks is still girly, but livable.  I think if it got much more manly, it would be a cave furnished with antlers and animal pelts.

But at least we both like the couch, and especially the Andy Warhol print.  He likes the green chair, I have a thing for wicker.  I wanted a zebra stripe rug, he didn't.  I wanted a paper lantern, he picked the style.  I picked those tables without him though, because I love them oh so dearly.  That stripey wood is so pretty to me right now.

And in bigger, better news:  I may have found an apartment!  No more dorm for me!  I couldn't stay on campus next semester anyway, and I wanted to stay in town over summer because this place comes alive in warm weather, it's a great place.  So an older relative who lives in town offered to let me live in the apartment in her basement if I help fix it up.  My family are all packrats, so cleaning out her basement is no small task, but it will definitely be nice to have a place even marginally my own.  She might even fix up the bathroom down there, and will likely fix dinner for the two of us on a regular basis.  Oh joy oh joy!

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