Friday, April 10, 2009

Girly Room

After making the manliest manly man room I could last time, I decided to go for "girl" here.  And oddly enough, Wulfy said he kind of liked it *facepalm* I think he's just not picky as long as he's not really involved in the process.  I also really liked this when I made it (that tufted gray chair is so cool) but now I think it's kind of lacking.  Maybe too semetrical?  Maybe the walls need more color?  I was trying to go for a "collected over time" look with the art, but maybe it didn't succeed or the scale is off or something.  It's hard to get things on scale, that's one advantage of the true mood-board as opposed to the mockup.

And I will probably be spending time in my apartment-to-be this weekend, so I may take "before" pictures to share.  If I'm not attacked by the many pointy Christmas ornaments in storage down there first.