Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mood Board Attempt #1

I've been thinking the "moodboards" I see here and there on design blogs are pretty nifty, so I attempted to make my own.  There it is, over to the left: the Aqua mood board of Stuff I Like Now for a living room/office space.  The bookshelf in the top left corner was my jumping-off point for the whole thing, hence the non-matching white wood.

In May I will (hopefully) be leaving the dorms behind for my first ever teeny tiny apartment.  If I got everything I really want for it, regardless of my teeny tiny budget, it would have a lot of elements from the mood board, plus one.  See the space I left in the right hand corner?  That's for one thing I don't have a picture of, an old hand-me-down chair I love.  It's a really schlumpy deep blue chair with big gold fleur-de-lis and daisies all over it, with matching ottoman.  It's a thing of beauty, it is, and it's why the deep blue and gold ended up in the color scheme.

The various items of furniture and decor are from Target (ladder desk, baskets, paper lantern floor lamp, green silk pillow), Pier 1 (ruffly aqua pillow, tulip side table, papasan chair), World Market (capiz shell chandelier, funky paper lantern, white bookcase, houndstooth pillow), and Ikea (Karlstad sofa, Lack TV stand, PS rocker).

Overall, this was a fun little thing to make, though my technique could definitely use refining.  I didn't arrange the elements very well, and I didn't spread enough of the deep blue and gold colors through the rest of the room, though that could easily be accomplished through art, blankets, tchochkes, and other things I didn't add to the board, which would have brightened the whole thing up as well.  It's pretty spiffy to see all these things I've been admiring in one place, though.

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